Angela Gomes Silent Auction exclusively at Amber Lounge Monaco 2024

Angela Gomes, a visionary artist hailing from the enchanting town of Monnickendam, just beneath the shimmering skyline of Amsterdam, is a true maestro of her craft. Born in the bustling heart of Amsterdam in 1987, Angela, now 37, inherited her profound affection for all things that sparkle from her father, a master goldsmith who instilled in her an early fascination with the radiant allure of precious metals.

With a branding contract from Swarovski adorning her artistic journey, Angela transforms canvases and sculptures into mesmerizing spectacles, meticulously adorned by hand with Swarovski crystals. Her opulent creations transcend mere artistry, becoming radiant manifestations of her boundless imagination.

Among her masterpieces stands a towering monument to creativity: a majestic 180cm tall Mickey Mouse sculpture, adorned with a staggering 1.2 million Swarovski crystals. This monumental feat, her magnum opus, consumed two years of Angela’s life, each crystal meticulously placed with unwavering precision and passion.

Driven by her desire to communicate without words, Angela’s work speaks volumes through its intricate details and breathtaking brilliance. Her creations serve as silent emissaries of beauty, captivating the senses and stirring the soul with their radiant splendor. Angela Gomes, an artist whose brilliance knows no bounds, continues to illuminate the world with her luminous creations, leaving an indelible mark on the tapestry of artistry.

Guide Price : €375,000 to €400,000


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